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Be Content; Be Penpositive

Why do we need a Community?

Learning is not an act that happens in silo anymore.. it should be a collective experience.  We need different forms of learning converge in a collaborative environment. For Active Learning to happen we need a Community.

Become an Active Learner

We all need to transform ourselves from being mere content consumers to Active and Productive learners. Through our community Penpositive we aim at providing that space for Active Learners. Bringing together our knowledge so we can collaborate and be prepared for a changing world.


Penpositive creates Active Learning Experiences. Content is at the core of what we do. Through Blogs, Videos, Audio and community based learning we work towards bringing people together to learn, unlearn and teach.

About Me

Welcome to Penpositive! I am Vinod Narayan, Founder of Penpositive, An Agile Practitioner, Coach, Mentor, Educator, Podcaster, Poet, Speaker and Content Creator. I am a Minimal Agilist, Minimal in Life & Agile @ Work. I live and work in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Connect with me on LinkedIn

Listen to Podcasts & Learn

I discovered podcasts a few years back and since then Podcasts have been one of my main source of learning. After learning myself for a while I decided to embark on Podcasts myself and currently there are two podcasts that I do on daily and weekly basis. Listen, Learn and Grow!!!

Penpositive Outclass

Start your day with a daily podcast with me. The Journal of an Active Learner as I reflect on learnings, Career, Life and more. Subscribe to Penpositive Outclass on all major podcasting platforms. Every day at 3:00AM Pacific Standard Time 

Educational Podcast in Malayalam

Join me every weekday as I cover a range of topics including Personal and Professional development topics in Malayalam. Subscribe and Listen to Pahayan Media Malayalam Podcast on all major podcasting platforms. Every weekday at 3 AM PST

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