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Why do we need a Community?

Learning is not an act that happens in Silo it should be a collective experience. Penpositive aims at providing that space for those interested. It is all about transforming ourselves from being a content consumer into an active and productive learner. A Community for Active Learners and for anyone wanting to be one. If you want to know more about the community check the preview video below

About Me

I am an Agile Practitioner, Coach, Mentor, Educator, Podcaster, Poet, Speaker and Content Creator with over 27 years in the Tech industry. A Minimal Agilist on a journey of being Minimal Agile. Minimal in Life & Agile @ Work. I live and work in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

About Penpositive Inc.

Penpositive Inc. is a Media & Learning Company at the intersection of Education, Entertainment & Social Awareness. We create content to help Individuals in Agile Thinking, Career Development and Personal Growth. This is our Community for those interested in being an Active Learner.

Does Penpositive have Online Courses

If you are looking only for online courses, we don't have them here, but you can check out our online courses home at

If you are not able to make payment using the existing Payment Method here. Please send me an email at

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