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We live at the intersection of Learning, Teaching & Being Agile

Learning is not a act that happens in Silo but a collective experience. Our communities are aimed at transforming a content consumer into an active and productive learner.

We Live in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) 

Survive and thrive means being agile, adapting continuously and focussing on delivering value. If you think that resonates with you on a Personal and Professional Level. Join us through one of the membership path that suits you best.

Welcome to Penpositive, This is Vinod Narayan, I am an Agile Coach, Mentor, Educator, Speaker, Social Media Influencer and Content Creator with over 27 years in the Tech industry. I started Penpositive to help people navigate the world of Agile in professional and personal life. I call it Minimal Agile. Minimal in Life & Agile @ Work. Join me in this Journey

I consider Penpositive as a Media & Learning Company at the intersection of Education, Entertainment & Social Awareness. We create content to help Individuals in Agile Thinking, Career Development and Personal Growth.

If you are not able to make payment using the existing Payment Method. Please send me an email at

Note: This is a Community experience and the Agile Course is not available here. For Agile Course head on to where you can take the Agile Course in English or Malayalam

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