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Welcome to Penpositive! This is Vinod Narayan, Founder; Penpositive Inc. I am an Agile Coach, Scrum Trainer, SAFe SPC, Educator, Speaker & Content Creator. I help people and teams become Agile and succeed in Scrum. Penpositive is modeled on the idea of 'Company of One' and brings you Agile Thinking initiatives, Scrum Coaching/Training & online Courses. I will be regularly adding courses here. If you wish to collaborate/engage do email me:

Minimal Agile

A philosophy that brings minimalism and agility together. The need to eliminate waste and doing things that really add value both in our personal and professional life. Learn More! 
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Are you Scrum Positive?

Everyone in a scrum team don't always have the same understanding of Scrum. You don't have to have the same opinion on everything but you all should have a good understanding of the spirit of Scrum. A common ground for being a Scrum Team. That is the start!
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Are you Sprint Positive?

You might never have encountered this question in the agile world. May be it does not exist. For me a Positive Sprint is one in which you have learning and improving, and have some action items to work on towards that. Be Sprint Positive not mechanical ceremonial iterations.
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2020 just before the pandemic in January, I traveled & spoke in over 40 events on  topics like Minimal Agile, Scrum Success, Education and E-Learning. And now it is online. If you are interested in arranging a Webinar at your company, institution or group do send me an email at
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Venture Out

We will not reach where we want, unless we venture out of our comfort zones & explore what is out there.

Being Agile

A course on Agile Scrum. If you are new to this and don't want to spend $500+ on certification. This can be a start !

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